Plant to Plate

Plant to Plate Summer Program 2018
Posted on 07/09/2018

Plant to Plate

Over the summer, students participated in our Plant to Plate program. During the program, students explored the following topics:

  • They learned about the structure of plants and read stories about the transformation from seeds to plants, talked about the nutrients and minerals needed in order for plants to grow, composting, planted seeds/weeding in the courtyard, and set up a vegetable garden.  Kales/Swiss Chard, tomatoes, peppers, herbs (thyme, lavender, mint, basil, parsley) cabbage, eggplant, cucumbers, yellow squash, onions, a variety of flowers were planted.  Students also learned and discussed the parts of a plant (stigma, stamen, pistol, ovule, tube, pollen grain, pollination)
  • The students also visited Fifers Orchards. They received a tour of the farm, as well as, received a historical overview of the farm. They learned about all of the vegetables that they are planting for the summer season and vegetables they are preparing for the fall. They also were able to pick blueberries and tomatoes on site.  
  • Through the week, students and staff continued maintenance on our courtyard garden. Students participated in a Seed to Plant Hyperdoc activity.  They explored various websites with information on the transformation from seeds to plants.  They were enriched with agricultural vocabulary such as, “nutrients, ripen, pod, pollination, aeration, and germination”. 
  • Students played a Jeopardy game to review what they learned. They were also taught how to cut vegetables in preparation for making a cauliflower pizza as a culminating activity, using tomatoes and peppers that were grown in the courtyard. 
  • Additionally, students made zucchini pasta!   

A Very Special Thank You to:
Ms. Rose, for making a donation so the children could get Fifer’s ice cream.
Ms. Donna, for donating zucchini.
Ms. Carney, for doing etiquette and plating lessons.
Ms. Blaier, for donating herbs.
Ms. Lewis, for donating and building our new wooden planters.

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